College football

American Football amongst the Yard LinesAlthough the onus in the United States is mostly on professional American football, college football is very popular as it is seen as a stepping stone for the more lucrative professional game.

There have been several players who have started in the college football scene and who have then gone on to make their name in the professional circuit, winning several honours.

The rules for college football are basically the same as those in the professional arena but there are some differences.  One such difference is  the fact that a pass can only be completed when the player receiving the ball is inside the ground when the catch is made. The rule by contact which applies in the National Football League does not apply in college football since a player is considered to be down when he is tackled and eventually loses possession of the ball whilst his body makes contact with the ground. There are also significant differences in the timing of offenses.

College football players are expected to be as robust and well-built as possible but there is also a need for speed and athleticism. Another important development for college football was the actual introduction of extra time or overtime as termed in American football terms in the mid-nineties. This overtime is however not timed and after each team completes their round of possession, that one which is in the lead wins the game. In contrast, the NFL’s overtime is what is termed as a sudden death quarter of fifteen minutes where the first team to score and take the lead wins the encounter.